Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why not democratic governments run like a pure managerial exercise ?

Why should our enlightened age carry on democracy as a political drama instead of  having it  as a plain managerial tool for running peoples government ?  Why can not we get rid of its rhetoric and  the propagandist deceptions ? Why can’t we bring an end to its primary image as a non-stop fight among political parties for advantage over the other, while all the rest priorities of the nation falling back to secondary priorities ?

We have a well prepared policy document called constitution to run the country. The philosophical, political, psychological and historical needs of a people are well documented in the constitution.

What we need is a representative team to run the country with the best of managerial expertise, like the way corporate houses run their business, or like constructing a building according to its blue-print plan.  

Targets for achievement of each ministry could be prepared with the help of organizations like FICCI or CII, or any of the top management school in the country. Inexperienced ministers could be trained in the art of delegating responsibilities to his subordinates and bureaucrats. Thus every bureaucrat and minister will have his/her well documented, transparent target for each year. His/her performance could be assessed by the same agencies and monetary incentives could be provided for achievers and punishments for losers.

When administration of the state becomes a managerial exercise, with its responsibilities,accountability and pains, its existing glamour quotient will naturally come down. Media persons can stop following them day and night,even up to their toilets, with cameras,in search of scintillating  news. 

This single media act was chiefly instrumental in converting plain country administration into a glamour business of politics. It also has converted these purely managerial  occupations of country governance into a fantastic, parallel world of glitz and glamour, which was  totally unmatched to democratic values  and traditions.

If run like a plain managerial exercise, at the end of each term of a government, people will be easily able to judge the better performers,  and decide wisely when their votes are asked for the next time.

Media also will be able to concentrate more on meaningful social themes when they get free from the routine act of following leaders day and night. Media’s absence will itself distract many leaders from  running after political career. Thus, the wasteful exercise of politics could be slowly eliminated from the scene of country administration.    

Such a shift of priorities will get democracy reinvented into a rational, no non-sense managerial exercise, the sacred purpose for which it was intended for.  

Media should wake up, and take up the cause of reinventing democracy, and help it to become a national agenda. 

Abraham Joseph
Founder secretary
Conscience of the society- a non-profit for philosophic initiatives into  the cause of strengthening and reinventing democracy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A model of democracy without political party system

Reinvented democracy:  Can Democracy get rid of its political party system?

As we all know well, political party system was an accident happened in the development of democracy during America's experiment with the great ideal. Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton had great difference of opinion about the economic direction of the government; whether to nurture big industry in the country or to be happy with the smaller ones. Whether to be a highly industrialized nation or remain as an agrarian nation. There started USA's existing two party political system, the Republicans and the Democrats.

This accident has resulted in transforming all the future democracies into a  plethora of political parties of all colours and shape. Democracy has turned a 100% political game among political parties, like  the old time gang wars among tribal groups, for territorial supremacy. Here the most central theme of such wars has become formation of the government, and remain in rule.

If the battle for the crown and the related bloody coups was prevalent among royal family groups in the past, today it is enacted by these political entities. Every other purpose of democracy has been dumped into the segment of mere 'means' in the enactment of the above primary game! 

The energies involved are different, values are different and the laws of the game are also different. But still, out of ignorance of the mass, the new game is celebrated as the great democratic ideal, simply on the ground that it is being played by the members of our own species of men, not Kings and Royals. Fortunately for us, its most popular definition does not demand anything more  than ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ !

Can't our enlightened age engage ourselves revisiting its foundational principles and reinvent it,  so that it becomes a rational system capable of redefining man’s life on the planet?

Please consider the following simple suggestion for a new model:

1) Introduce specialized course for democracy from plus 2 level, with the scope of continuing it up to PG, or even doctorate level. Engage the best of educators to compile the course material,with all the IMPLIED goals,meaning,dimensions and practice of democracy. Means, it should not merely consist the history of democracy, but the theoretical and philosophical aspect of a true peoples government. It should explore all its possibilities to redefine man’s life, considering its potential to carry mankind much further in the path of civilization.

2) Introduce competitive exams to select the best 'members of parliament' and 'members of Legislative assembly' from each constituency.

3) Select the best from each existing constituency  irrespective of national grades, to ensure proper representation - means, those who got top marks from each constituency would becomes MP/MLA from such constituency. Existing quota system could be followed for such selections.

4) These members could elect their PM/CM, and such PM/CM can form his cabinet.

5) For each ministry, an expert committee consisting best qualified and experienced professionals in the country should be formed to help the  Ministers in decision making.

6) Till this system come to place, existing system of political parties continue with the same system , say for maximum .two or three terms (total 15 years)

7) Financial decision making should be strictly de-linked from the authority of any single person or group. Our enlightened minds can find an imaginative solution for this problem.

8) Each constituency can have a citizen's council/ or a well reformed existing' Panchayat' system to work as a meaningful peoples link with the MLAs / MPs.  Election system can continue at this level so that peoples representation is ensured at grass root level, doing true justice to the principles of direct democracy. 

9) Each assembly can select its 'devils advocates' from among its members for the term of the assembly, to serve the purpose of healthy opposition. This kind of an opposition without political ambition would ensure healthy debate with the sole purpose of arriving at truth, and best of courses. Now, from day one, the singular goal of the opposition is to dethrone the existing government, a very negative trait of present day democracy.  Goal of government formation must be taken away from groups to save democracy.

Our enlightened minds in the country could modify this basic idea gradually into a perfect system in due course.

Media is doing excellent work in exposing corruption and mistakes in governance. But these symptoms are like waves in the sea, ever present, permanent feature of the system. Hence, common sense calls for a look at the foundational blue-print. 

Only Media can start the initiative by calling upon public to reinvent democracy, a silent intellectual exercise predominantly involving open minded political leaders, intelligent men and members of judiciary.

Authored by: Abraham J.Palakudy

He is a seeker and researcher into areas like Mind,Reason, Philosophy,Spirituality and Polity

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